Weekly Link Roundup For W22 2020

Invest Money

This is a weekly link roundup with the best resources, articles, guides and tutorials related to learning, saving and investing. Each week’s list will give you helpful tips and links which will take your skills to the next level, teach you how to save and make money, and how to relax after a stressful week.


Stock Investing Like Warren Buffett – This is a great free course which will teach you the basics of value investing. Here is a list of some of the topics which are covered by the course:

  • Basic stock investing terms
  • What is value investing
  • How to evaluate a business
  • How the economic machine works


Money Saving Challenges – If you had some savings, would you use them to buy something for yourself? Would you pay off your debt? Would you use this money to start some kind of business? Or you would invest it?

Whatever you would decide, saving money is a good habit and it could make your life easier in the future. But you have to start saving TODAY!

In this post I give you 10 easy and fun money saving challenges you can start right now.


Warren Buffett’s Investing Strategy – In this YouTube video, Warren Buffett (“The Oracle of Omaha”) reveals his investment strategy and explains how to master the stock market.


Indian Flute Music – I personally love the sound of Indian flute and I hope you will also love it after you hear this amazing compilation of incredibly relaxing and calming Indian flute tracks.

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