W13 2020 Trades

Last week was a loosing week but that’s nothing strange considering the current global situation. I have made sure to limit my losses and I’m sure that last week will not have a big impact on my overall result.


This was a sell-limit trade and it happened during the night, so I’m not able to provide the screenshots at the time the trade was open:


This trade resulted in 36,74HRK loss.


Daily time frame was indicating very strong trend change:

H4 time frame was showing a well established downtrend:

I have decided to enter this trade after the price breaks a small consolidation area on H1 time frame:

It seemed that the trade will work out as I planned so I decided to move my stop-loss:

After some time, H1 time frame indicated strong bullish rejection, so I’ve moved the stop-loss level even further and I got stopped out:

The trade ended with a 20,67HRK loss.

It seems to me that I have entered both of these trades too early. In the future I will give more weight to the MACD indicator because in both of these cases, it didn’t indicate some kind of trend continuation.

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