My Trading Results Since I Started This Blog

Do you want to see my trading results? I had many ups and downs since I decided to start my journey to becoming a professional trader. Actually, on the current account which I’m using for finding my edge in the markets, I had a 21,77% drawdown, which is not something I want to see in the future. I think I had a few lucky trades at the beginning and managed to achieve over 17% profit, but then everything went wrong. One loss after another.

The trades I made were based on what I have learned in one of the trading courses I bought for a few hundred dollars. And I am not blaming the guy who sold me this course, because I still believe he is a really good teacher and a good person. He actually gave me a completely new and different perspective. I actually blame myself for trading something that doesn’t fit my personality.

Here is how it looked before:

My Trading Results

I have started this blog on January 10, 2020, and after all these losses, I have decided to start from the beginning and try to do it the right way. I spent some time doing research, reading reviews of various courses and books and I finally heard about Adam H. Grimes and his free course (and paid books). From the beginning, I have realized that what he teaches could probably fit my trading style. I still don’t know if it works or not, but my trading results improved and became more stable.

Here is how it looks since I started this blog:

And here are some details:

I had a total of 42 trades: 22 were profitable and 20 were losing trades.

2,33% gain in March is based only on one trade which I exited last night (USDCAD) which was a good decision. After I closed the order, there was a sharp move against my trade. I closed the trade after an over-extended uptrend:

And this is what happened after that:

I am very happy with the results I had but I don’t want to be too optimistic, because I know there could be some losing weeks and months in the near future. I cannot wait to see what’s gonna happen.

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