Monthly Income Reports For October And November 2020

Monthly Income Reports For October And November 2020

I usually post my monthly income reports on a regular basis, but this one is different. Although I have decided to create my own blogging schedule, my 9-5 job simply didn’t allow me to follow the plan, and I was very close to some kind of blogging burnout.

The decision to stop blogging for so long wasn’t easy, but I simply had to make that decision, in order to avoid having health-related issues. In the meantime, I have found a new job, and I will change my workplace in February next year. I hope that this new company will be organized much better than the current one and that I will have much more energy to write this blog. Until then, I plan to write when I feel that writing will not have an impact on my health. So, here is a short recap of what happened during last two months:

Monthly Income Reports For October And November 2020

Blog Traffic

When I decided to stop writing on a regular basis, I was expecting that the traffic to my blog will decrease significantly, but it didn’t. Some of my earlier blog posts are still receiving traffic from search engines. I just have to make sure that I write at least once per month to give my visitors a reason to come back. Also, I am doing my best to finish my free e-book about dividend investing. I’m sure that this e-book will be another reason for people to visit my blog.

Ad/Affiliate Networks

I didn’t have any earnings from, but I have made my first sale with Amazon Associates. I still have to make a few more, in order to be permanently approved by Amazon.

Stocks In My Portfolio

I currently have 7 stocks in my portfolio: MGM, PINS, FVRR, ZNGA, EPD, PFE, and KO. At the moment, all of the stocks from my portfolio are profitable.

I have also invested a small portion of my portfolio into SLV ETF. I think that the silver price should go up in the following years.

The total return for October was 4,25%, while the return for November was 16,48%.

December Goals

There are three things I plan to do in December:

  • Finish my dividend investing e-book.
  • Buy at least 2 more stocks
  • Relax as much as possible

I hope that, in the future, I will be able to post these monthly income reports on a regular basis.

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