MarketLife Trading Review

As I already said in one of my previous posts, I have spent a lot of money buying trading-related¬† education materials (books and courses) and I still wasn’t satisfied with my knowledge and my results. I read about MarketLife Trading on one of the trading forums, so I’ve decided to give it a shot. Now is the time for me to write a MarketLife Trading review.

The strange thing about the course was that it was actually free and even the workbook for the course is offered as a free PDF which you can print at home. After I did some research about the person behind MarketLife Trading (Adam H. Grimes) I have realized that he really is a professional trader, so I thought that this could be a “real deal”.¬† One more interesting thing was that MarketLife Trading doesn’t promote the course by showing pictures of huge piles of money, expensive cars and swimming pools, and they also don’t force you to buy something from them. The course and the workbook are 100% free.

The course itself:

The course is made of 9 modules:

  • Introduction and Chartreading 101
  • Chartreading, Going Deeper
  • Market Structure and Price Action
  • Trading pullbacks
  • Trading Antis
  • Failure Tests
  • Breakouts
  • Pattern Failures
  • Practical Trading Psychology

Each module contains 6 videos which are not more than 30 minutes long. At the beginning, the course looked easy to follow, but…When you start using the workbook, doing the exercises, reading Adam’s book, you will be very confused and you could get completely lost in all this information. Actually, it took me almost 6 months to go through the part of the course (and book) which is related to trading. I still have to finish some parts related to psychology, process of becoming a trader etc.

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After some time, I have realized that all this confusion came from the fact that I expected some professional trader to give me his “secret” trading system. NO NO NO!!!

Adam actually forces you to think. Add the beginning of the course he says (and he repeats that throughout the course) that there is no free money and that trading is very hard. It requires a lot of time, effort and sacrifice…and some money.

He gives you the guidelines you need to develop your own way of thinking/trading and to help you on your way to becoming a better trader. If I could summarize his course and book(s), it would look like this:

  1. Build your own trading plan
  2. Get the idea for a trading system (find ideas online, spend time looking at charts, try to find some patterns…whatever)
  3. Check if your trading system has an edge (backtest, analyze it in Excel, analyze it using Python or R…whatever)
  4. Define rules for your system
  5. Trade your system
  6. Manage your money properly
  7. Manage your emotions properly
  8. Repeat

My results:

I decided to write a MarketLife Trading review because my trading results improved since I started applying the things I’ve learned from Adam’s course. I know it’s too early to say that his approach is profitable because I only had 50 trades based on the system I built, but I’m sure that the course improved my performance…and it simply makes sense. Here is how my results look after 3 months of trading:

I hope that this MarketLife Trading review will help you decide if this course is good for you or not.


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