Free Dividend Investing Ebook And 2021 Personal Goals

free dividend investing ebook

Most dividend investing books I’ve read don’t offer a clear stock investing strategy. Some of them offer a lot of useful information, but sometimes you don’t need a lot…you just need short and to the point guidelines on how to select the best stocks. That’s why I decided to create my free dividend investing ebook and offer it to my readers. This was one of my December goals and I’ve finally managed to achieve it.

free dividend investing ebook

My free dividend investing ebook will give you simple step-by-step instructions on how to select the best dividend stocks in order to create your own passive income source. I also show you how to start investing with little or no money and I also give you 100% free tools for stock picking:

You can DOWNLOAD the book here.

2020 Summary

Last year was very hard for all of us. Covid pandemic completely changed our lives. Personally, I’ve had a very hard time working from home. As an IT guy, I spend a lot of time in front of the screen, without any physical activity. In the beginning, I thought that working from home will be a great thing, but after some time, I was missing this “going to work ritual”.

On the other hand, since I’ve been working from home, I managed to save a lot of money. Also, bars and restaurants were mostly closed, so my monthly expenses reduced drastically.

I had a quite large personal loan (around $20000) and I’ve managed to pay it off almost in full by saving money and selling most of my stock portfolio. I still have around $2000 to pay, but I think I will manage to pay it off until April. This means that I will be able to invest much more than in 2020.

2021 Personal Goals

The most valuable asset that we have is our time. We don’t have plenty of it and we have to make sure that we use it in the best possible way. I hope that my new job will allow me to focus more on my family, myself, and of course, this blog. So, here are my personal goals for 2021:

Health related:

  • Spend more time outdoors; walk at least 30 minutes per day: it improves mental health and it can help to fight off stress
  • Meditate every day: reduces anxiety, improves concentration, enhances memory, improves the quality of sleep

Time related:

  • Organize my time more effectively: I will create a weekly plan (work, blogging, personal activities etc.) and a set of goals that are achievable
  • Spend more time with my family: it also helps reduce stress

Money related:

  • Pay off the biggest loan I have at the moment: it takes away $450 from my pocket…every month
  • Save at least $300 per month
  • Invest at least $300 per month

Blog related:

  • One thousand Pinterest followers
  • 2000 monthly visitors to LearnInvestEarn blog
  • 200 mailing list subscribers

2021 MUST Be A Better Year

2020 was not that bad. My financial achievements were great, but I would like to have more freedom in 2021. I think that my goals for this year are realistic, and if I follow my plan, I’m sure I will achieve them.

Dear readers, what are some goals that you have for 2021? Do you think it will be better than the last one? Please leave your comments.

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