Blog Income Report For January and February 2021

Blog Income Report

My blog income report for January and February doesn’t look much better than the previous income reports, but I’ve managed to make some money. Most of the money was from my investments, but I’ve also made an additional $4,50 from the Amazon affiliate program. That’s less than $12 I have made in December, but it’s very good to see that people actually buy the products through Amazon affiliate links on my blog.

Blog Income Report

Blog Traffic Report

The blog traffic in January and February was almost the same as in November and December 2020. There was a small increase in the number of new users (around 5%) but that’s not something I should be proud of. I was hoping that the traffic will increase after I release my free ebook about dividend investing but that didn’t happen. I also wrote a very interesting (and quite big) article about the importance of education, but it also didn’t increase the traffic. It seems that I should find better ways to promote my content.

Ad/Affiliate Networks

As I already wrote at the beginning of this blog income report, I have earned $4,50 from Amazon Associates in February. I’m sure that the income will increase once I start receiving more visitors and I’m also sure that the results I’ve had with Amazon Associates are much better than the results I’ve had with all other affiliate networks.

Stocks In My Portfolio

I have sold all of the stocks from my portfolio (MGM, PINS, FVRR, ZNGA, EPD, PFE, and KO) and I also sold shares in the SLV ETF. Ideas to buy these stocks were based on stock advice that I received from one of the most popular stock advisor services. Of course, I also did my own analysis, but I didn’t do all the work. I’ve spent the last few months learning about value investing and I really think I should start working on my own portfolio which will be 100% based on my analysis and decisions.

The total return for January was -0,21%, while the return for February was 20,51%.

Here is the list of stocks I have added to my portfolio in February:

  • Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corp (BAH)
  • D.R. Horton Inc. (DHI)
  • Group 1 Automotive Inc (GPI)
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMT)
  • PulteGroup Inc (PHM)
  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (VRTX)

March 2021 Goals

My main goal for this month is to create a well-diversified portfolio. I plan to buy a few more value stocks, some income-producing stocks (dividend stocks and REITs), and some ETF’s. Here is how I plan to split my portfolio:

  • Value Stocks: 50%
  • Income Stocks: 30%
  • ETFs: 20%

I will also get a yearly bonus from the previous company I worked for, and I will use part of this bonus to pay off a bank loan. This loan takes away almost $500 from my bank account every month. I think it will be much better if I could invest this money into stocks.


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