Invest Money

Weekly Link Roundup For W22 2020

This is a weekly link roundup with the best resources, articles, guides and tutorials related to learning, saving and investing. Each week’s list will give you helpful tips and links which will take your skills…

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Weekly Money Challenge

10 Easy and Fun Money Saving Challenges You Can Start Right Now

If you had some savings, would you use them to buy something for yourself? Would you pay off your debt? Would you use this money to start your own blog? Or you would buy some…

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Weekly Link Roundup For W21 2020

Since I’ve decided to switch to stocks, spend less time looking at charts and spend more time creating quality content for my blog, I came up with an idea to create a list of weekly…

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Stock Trading or Investing or Both

For the past few months I have been regularly posting my weekly Forex trades. The profit was quite good, but I realized that I cannot continue trading currencies because the market is open 24 hours…

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Keltner Channels ATR Indicator + Statistics

The most important MT4 indicator I am using at the moment is Keltner Channels indicator modified by ATR indicator (+/- 2.25 ATRs). One of the ways to find an edge with channel-based indicators is to…

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W17 2020 Trades

Last week was a biggest losing week from beginning of this year and the total loss for April. Total loss was 128,99HRK and total loss for last month was 4,82%. I will not talk too…

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