Major Financial Crises

Major Financial Crises Timeline And Why Investors Shouldn’t Care

Looking back on some of the most significant market crashes of the last decade, it is difficult to imagine how the world ever recovered. As the COVID-19 calamity proves, they usually come unexpectedly and take…

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ATVI Stock Target Price

ATVI Stock Target Price – Is ATVI A Buy Now?

I really think that the ATVI stock target price is far above the current price. The price dropped significantly at the beginning of May. The fair price was $103,43 based on the discounted cash flow…

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How To Know When To Sell Stocks?

How To Know When To Sell Stocks? Sell Stocks For Profit Or Loss

There are many ways to decide whether you should buy some stock or not. But how to know when to sell stocks for profit or loss? If you are a long-term investor and your goal…

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Blog Income Report

Blog Income Report For January and February 2021

My blog income report for January and February doesn’t look much better than the previous income reports, but I’ve managed to make some money. Most of the money was from my investments, but I’ve also…

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Best Long Term Investment

Best Long Term Investment Is…Education, Of Course!

When people ask me what’s the best long term investment, I always give them the same answer: Education, of course!!! And I have a very good reason for that. 20 years ago, I have finished…

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Monthly Income Report For December 2020

Monthly Income Report – December 2020

Monthly income report for December looks much better than all the previous ones. Although the traffic was almost the same as in November, I have earned $12 from Amazon Affiliate Program. I’ve also noticed that…

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free dividend investing ebook

Free Dividend Investing Ebook And 2021 Personal Goals

Most dividend investing books I’ve read don’t offer a clear stock investing strategy. Some of them offer a lot of useful information, but sometimes you don’t need a lot…you just need short and to the…

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Monthly Income Reports For October And November 2020

Monthly Income Reports For October And November 2020

I usually post my monthly income reports on a regular basis, but this one is different. Although I have decided to create my own blogging schedule, my 9-5 job simply didn’t allow me to follow…

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Will MGM Stock Go Up?

Will MGM Stock Go Up? I Think You Should Buy The Stock Now

If you ask me will MGM stock go up, I can only give you one answer: YES! Few days ago, the price started dropping…again. But, if you have strong nerves, I think you should buy…

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How To Save $1000 In A Month

How To Save $1000 In A Month? 7 Easy Tricks To Save More Money

Discover how to save $1000 in a month. Saving money should not be as hard as it seems. I will show you 7 easy tricks to save more money. Introduction To Saving Money Unfortunately, on…

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